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Too excessive and too puff celebrities, when people try to connect between manohara relief and pathetic story of Manohara Odelia Pinot. The exalted become a dwarf and the dwarf is going to be exalted. The scared into disgraced and disgraced looks like a hero.
Sometime assumption and logic are often wild, but it’s too dwarf when our try to take a read thread from celebrities issue become culture issue. Everybody can make opinion, freedom of think to translate texts and issues. At least, they also thinking about how artist to build them image from media issues.

Story of manohara relief is there., but it has been there long before media to blow up Manohara Odelia Pinot issue. Unconsciously our has opened the score sheet Borobudur relief.

Princess Manohara is under the row or the relief, in the main wall of the west side, in the alley of the second floor Borobudur temple. She discrabed as beautiful face with two beautiful birds feet. You can get the original story of Princess Manohara in the Jataka-Avadana Book.

There’s a story about a hunter, he’s name Halaka. Based on the story, he use special nets to catch human bird on the pool. The human bird looks beautiful that he catch is the Manohara, Princess The Kingdom Of Human Bird. (Continued)

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